LUB - MET® Cylindrical bushing LMZ

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    • LMZ806-081208
    LUB-MET plain bearings are made of a bronze base which is refined with a solid lubricant... more
    Product information "LUB - MET® Cylindrical bushing LMZ"

    LUB-MET plain bearings are made of a bronze base which is refined with a solid lubricant pattern, making it a self-lubricating bearing for a wide field of applications.

    The bronze base is offered in various alloys, from leaded bronze, over phosphor bronze to aluminium bronze. Each alloy has different capabilities and makes LUB-MET applicable for operating conditions, where extremely high loads in combination with slow speeds apply or in applications where faster speeds with medium loads occur.

    The solid lubricant plugs are available in two different types. SL1 lubricant plugs are made of Graphite and are applicable in dry environments, whereas SL4 is made of PTFE, waxes and fillers, is suitable for applications where the bearing works in moist environments or even entirely submersed under (sea-) water.

    The self-lubrication ability of the LUB-MET bearing is created by a thin dry lubricant layer, which is generated by micro-wear of the bearing’s sliding surface.

    LUB-MET is a self-lubricating material and performs very well without any additional lubricant. However, if desired, it may also be lubricated with grease or oil. This will be beneficial if LUB-MET bearings run in contaminated applications, where grease can flush out particles which might have entered the bearing’s contact area. Grease is also advised to keep pins preserved when the bearing works in a corrosive environment. Grease/Oil lubrication also increases the capability of LUB-MET to run on higher velocities, as it reduces the heat generation on the bearing’s sliding surface.

    The idea of self-lubricating bronze goes back to the 1970’s but still until today, this type of material remains a popular choice due to its long-term experience in one of the most challenging applications in industries such as hydro-power, offshore, oil and gas, manufacturing and many more.

    Sliding surface: PTFE
    Support material: Bronze
    Dynamic load: ≤ 100N/mm²
    Static load: ≤ 150N/mm²
    Sliding speed: ≤ 0,4 m/s
    Fricition value: 0,03 – 0,20 µ
    max. PV-value: 1,5 N/mm² x m/s
    Temperature strain: -100 up to +300 °C
    Maintenance: maintenance-free
    Tolerance housing: H7
    Shaft tolerance: f7/h6
    Shaft material: The hardness difference to the bearing should be at least 100HB, roughness <Rz 6,3
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