POM - MET® Thrust washer POA

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POM-MET® is an economical wrapped bushing. It consists of a steel backing and a sliding layer... more
Product information "POM - MET® Thrust washer POA"

POM-MET® is an economical wrapped bushing. It consists of a steel backing and a sliding layer made from POM. It has very good wear behaviour and a low frictional value; is creep resistant and shows good results in a “dirty” environment for outdoor usage.

POM-MET® bushings are made from a steel plate, where the POM is sintered onto the surface, using a bronze powder intermediate layer as a bonding agent. These raw material plates are then cut to a rectangular shape, then wrapped and calibrated to the right size.

The sizes are according to DIN 1494/ ISO 3547 with tolerances to be press fitted into a H7 housing for a h8 shaft tolerance. The sizes are identical to our TEF-MET® series, but POM-MET® is the better choice for more abrasive applications.

MoS2 is a friction modifier and is often used in heavy duty greases for its good resistance to compression. However, POM-MET® is not completely maintenance-free, as periodical greasing is still necessary. Hence, the sliding layer is perforated with lubrication pockets.

POM-MET® is often used in cranes, truck cranes, tail gates, harbour equipment and agricultural machinery and construction machine

Sliding surface: POM (Acetal resin)
Support material: Tin plated steel
Dynamic load: ≤ 140 N/mm²
Static load: ≤ 250 N/mm²
Sliding speed: ≤ 2,5 m/s
Fricition value: 0,04 - 0,12 µ
max. PV-value: 2,8 N/mm² x m/s
Temperature strain: -40 up to + 130 °C
Maintenance: maintenance-bound
Tolerance housing: H7
Tolerance after mounting: in series D
Shaft tolerance: h8
Shaft material: Steel, hardened or untempered, roughness Rz < 4-6
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